League Rules

I69 Youth Hockey League

League Rules may be changed or ammended as the league determines necessary. All changes will be posted!

Chapter 1: Purpose of league

The purpose of I69 is to provide a positive and rewarding hockey experience for the amateur youth hockey players. I69 shall emphasize sportsmanship and competitive fair play. I69 will provide an environment for the youth hockey player to improve their ability and foster fun and learning in a team sport environment.

Chapter 2: Definitions

"Affiliate" shall mean any state governing body, and any local hockey association having agreements or sub-agreements to operate directly or indirectly in the State of Michigan.

“Discipline Committee” Shall mean the committee in charge of all disciplinary actions by the league for violation of league rules, conduct and Major Penalties.

“Independent Teams” Teams not affiliated with a Member Hockey Association.

"League Play Deadline" shall mean the date published on the I69 website by which all League Play shall be completed.

"League Play" shall mean I69 regular season games.

"League Management Tool" or "LMT" shall mean any and all systems, software, and websites designated for use and sanctioned by I69 for teams to enter and view information, such as scheduling, statistical, or game result data.

“Member Hockey Association” Local Hockey Association that has applied for membership, will have voting rights and seat on Discipline committee and rules committee.

"I69 Game" shall mean I69 games, both League Play and Playoffs.

"I69" or the "League" shall mean Michigan Amateur Youth Hockey League.

"Player" shall mean an individual participant, other than a coach or manager listed on a certified roster of a team.

"Playoff" shall mean games that occur after League Play to determine the I69 champion for each age classification.

"Team Official" or "Team Officials" shall mean any coach or manager listed on a stamped or otherwise certified roster of said team, and any individual not listed on a certified roster, but acting under designated authority as a team representative.

Chapter 3: Organization

3.1 Membership; Membership shall consist of local youth hockey Associations registered with the State Of Michigan as a nonprofit local organization or recognized as a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit under the IRS Rules.

Division Directors: Each Association shall be assigned a Division to head up. It shall be up to each association who shall be the division director. Each association shall communicate to the League secretary the name and contact info for each Division Director. In the event there are no Associations in a division any volunteer from the other teams of the division or someone from outside of a division will be appointed.

3.3 Division Director: shall be the contact for each division, shall communicate any and all needed information to the teams in their division. Shall be the first point of contact for any disputes, or conduct investigations as needed for any Discipline committee hearing.

3.4 The League shall not be involved in any political activities. In the event that a political activity directly involving Youth Hockey requires the leagues involvement the Owner / Commissioner shall inform all members and Teams of the Leagues involvement.

3.5 Meetings: The league shall meet as needed to discuss all rules for the next playing season. Playoff rules will be published on the official website. All playoff rules will be from the majority of the division rules used during the season. The league shall approve all independent team applications and team alignments for regular season play prior to the start of the season. The League shall meet no later than 20 days prior to approve the alignment for Playoffs.

3.6 The league shall be a member of Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. at a Level 2 club.

3.7 It is the intention of this league to support the activities of the Local Youth Hockey Association. Independent teams will be allowed. All independent teams must participate in the age appropriate travel divisions. Any Independent teams wishing to participate in the House / Recreation league must hold an open sign up an take the team on a first come first picked basis. A sign in sheet must be provided to the league. The League reserves the right to move any team to a more equal and competitive division within 45 days of the start of league play.

Chapter 4: League divisions

4.1 The following divisions will be offered;

4.1.2 6U (Skill development beginners) Games for League play shall be ½ Ice, Score may be kept, No standings will be kept and no playoffs will be held. Full ice games can also be scheduled.

4.1.3 8U (House, Travel A (7year old only), Travel AA) House teams shall be association based and established on a first come first placed basis, in the event enough kids sign up for more than one team the association shall draft teams by their board approved fair draft rules. Travel A shall be comprised of kids all the same age and in the first year of the age group. Travel AA will be open to all kids in that age group. Travel teams will be made up of Kids selected on a tryout basis by a coach approved by the Local Association.

4.1.4 10U (House, Travel A (9year old only), Travel AA) See 4.1.3

4.1.5 12U (House, Travel A (11year old only), Travel AA) See 4.1.3

4.1.6 14U (House, Travel A (13year old only), Travel AA) See 4.1.3

4.1.7 16U (House, Travel A (15year old only), Travel AA) See 4.1.3

4.1.8 18U (House, Travel A (17year old only), Travel AA) See 4.1.3

4.2 All Teams will be required to enter a Roster of players into the approved league website. Rosters should also be certified by the Association. All Rosters will be final and no further roster changes can occur after 12/31 of the Current playing year, this date maybe extended based on the length of the season.

4.3 Coaches shall not Recruit players roistered to other teams, House teams may only add players approved by their association or the league division director.

4.4 Players may only roster on one team. Players wishing to change teams will need to supply a Release form provided by the league. The release from will give the players name, Team the player is leaving, Team player is moving to. Association Representative Signature for both associations and then presented to the Division Director for Final Approval. Player is not allowed to Practice, Play any league games until transfer is approved by the division Director.

4.5 Team officials, players and any other person violating rule 4.2 thru 4.4 will be subject to disciplinary action by the discipline committee. Recourse may include suspension, not approving a transfer or removal from the league.

Chapter 5: Playing Rules

5.1 Unless otherwise specified below, I69 Youth Hockey League does hereby adopt the National Federation of High School playing rules with the following exceptions.

5.1.2 Equipment: Safety to our players being of paramount importance,all players are required to wear full ice hockey equipment, including Properly labeled and non expired ice hockey helmets with full gage or visor. Black Puck: shall apply to all divisions 8U and older. All 6U Teams shall utilize a Blue Puck.

5.1.3 Playing Surface: the league and/or its teams may voluntarily opt for playing Half-Ice, Cross-Ice, 3v3 and/or 4v4 small area games. Further, teams are encouraged to utilize such small area games and station drills within their practices. 6U teams will be encouraged to play ½ ice games. However a division may elect to play full ice.

5.1.4 Officials: The home team shall provide 2 Properly trained officials, in the event only one official is available the game may still be played with the agreement of both Head coaches.

5.1.5 Body Checking: Shall be allowed at 12U travel, and all 14U and Older Divisions. If a 12U house division wishes to include checking a request will need to be made to the league.

5.1.6 Off-Sides: 8U Travel and all 10U and older classifications shall play delayed Tag up off-sides. 8U House team divisions may elect to play Either Immediate or Tag Up off sides.

5.1.7 Face-Offs: The nine (9) designated locations. Consult Rule 6 Section 12 of the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) for guidance.

5.1.8 Game Rules & Timekeeping: Subject to local facility curfew rules, games shall have a minimum of 3 stop-time 10 minute periods, with on-the-fly line changing. 6U Teams shall use a 2 or 3Minute Stop time shift change system for all games including full ice.

5.1.9 Time outs: No time outs will be allowed during League play. One time out per team will be allowed during the Play off finals only.

5.1.10 Match Penalties: All Match Penalties shall be referred to the Discipline committee. The discipline committee will conduct a hearing on the match penalty within 7 days of the notice or at a mutually agreed upon time. The offending player or team official shall have no contact with their team until the hearing is conducted.

5.1.11“Goal Differential / Running Clock Game Rule”:

A Running Clock shall be used in I69 games when a team leads by 6 (six) or more goals AFTER 2 periods of play and anytime during the Third Period. Regular Stop Time resumes when the Goal Differential goes from 6 (six) or more goals to less than 6 (six) goals.

The “Goal Differential / Running Clock Game Rule” is not optional nor shall it be modified for MAYHL games.

1. Running Clock starts when there is at least a 6 (six) goal difference AFTER 2 periods and anytime during the Third Period. When there is a 5 (five) goal difference, play goes back to stop time. The clock will switch between running time (when a 6 (six) goal difference exists anytime in the Third Period) and stop time (when there is 5 five) or less goal difference anytime in the Third Period).

2. When a Penalty is called, the clock will be stopped to assess the penalty time and the clock will start after the puck drops and play begins. Penalties are on running clock time until there is a 5 (five) goal or less difference.

Chapter 6: Discipline

The discipline committee shall be made up of representatives of each association. The preferred Representative is the Association President or Vice President. The Association that represents the offending team official shall not have a vote. The Chairperson for the committee will be the League Owner / commissioner.

The I69 has adopted the USA Hockey's Players code of conduct, Parents code of conduct and Coaches Code of Conduct. All matters pertaining to these violations will be referred to the local association for Proper hearings and discipline. The Discipline committee will act as a means of appeals for these violations only if the violation occurs at a League event or is requested to by AAU.

All Decisions of this Committee are final. And no appeals will be considered other than those that are legally provided under the Laws of Michigan or Rules and Bylaws of AAU.

Chapter 7: Fees and Dues

I69 will collect a fee for each team entering the league. Additional fees may be due for all league playoffs to provide for Ice, Refs, score keeper, Trophy’s.

Chapter 8: Playoffs

The league shall conduct playoffs by these rules.

8.1 First Round Playoffs will be Round Robin style. Each team will be seeded and required to schedule there playoff games within the required time Frame. Teams will be responsible for all ref, score keeper and ice fees.

8.2 Quarter / Semi Finals will be conducted by the League and a time and rink that the league will secure. The league will provide refs and scorekeepers. Quarter / Semifinals will be a one game elimination.

8.3 League finals will be conducted by the league for all playoff finalists at a time and location of its choice, All Refs, scorekeepers and Ice will be provided. (See Fees Schedule published for league). Each team will be allowed one time out. Games must be played to a completion. Each team will be provided with written rules prior to the game approved by the League and Division Directors.

8.4 All teams will play with the players listed on the approved roster as of 12/31 of the current season. Any team found to have violated this rule and played with illegal players will immediately forfeit the game. The head coach will be suspended until a hearing.

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